Year in review 2019

To be honest we didn’t update our website for a while, but we will use this post to make short yearly review of the 2019. Here we will mention some of results that our kennel made in 2019

Derby Show Debeljaca 2019 Our junior team was very successfull: White Chocolate Cream Taurunum Angels become new Serbian champion and derby winner

John Lennon Taurunum Angels on his very first show was BABY BIS 1  in huge competition (over 20 baby’s)

Great day at NDS Senta

Gorgeous Princess Taurunum Angel’s (Kate) won puppy BIS 3

Owned by Mrs. Brandy Overcash Breed by Mrs. Natalija Zeljic

Thanks to honorable breed judge Mr. Dusan Rodic and BIS judge Mr. Nagy Istvan

Super relax day on out favorite NDS Turija. Our little cavalier star Give me a kiss Taurunum Angels  won PUPPY BEST IN SHOW Many thanks to her hendler: Anastasia Paunovic Thanks to judge in BIS: Goran Gladic

Great day today on NDS Golubac again our little diva Give me a kiss Taurunum angels  was baby reserve Best In Show !!!! Thanks a lot to BIS judge Vladimir Vukosavljevic !!! Yahoo Taurunum Angels on his last show in Serbia get Best of breed with great description⚡ Thanks a lot breed judge Zlatko Jojkic for great judgment!

Night show in Darosava was successful for our crazy boy Leo aka  Mad Max Taurunum Angels!

BEST of BREED & BEST in GROUP #1 under judge Dragan Pop-Lazic ! Handling by: Gasic Dolly Bell Mihajlo

We had super relaxed time  on one of the most beautiful dog shows in Serbia ! Our champion MAD MAX TAURUNUM ANGELS was reserve BEST IN SHOW Thanks a lot to breed and group judge Stefan Rosteco Dimitrijevic and BIS judge Zika Mitrovic Thanks for great hendling to Gasic Dolly Bell Mihajlo 🥇

Really successful day for our team on International Dog Show in Kraljevo!

Give Me A Kiss Taurunum Angels had an amazing debut and won Res.BEST in SHOW baby arround about 20 babies!! Hope de kuntentizza of Ciric – BOB puppy Yahoo Taurunum Angels – BOB junior Beauty Rosie redstone cavalier – CAC | CACIB | BOS Masterpiece Sylena – CAC | CACIB | BOB | BOG #4 Aussi Seventy Seven Lavander Valley – BOB junior | BOB

Thank you very much to the breed and group judge Mina Piljevic for high opinion about our dogs, big thanks to baby bis judge Zoran Roknic ! And of course big thanks to their handler Anastasia Paunovic and also big thanks to all our friends for great company

NDS Zrenjanin our junior boy Yahoo Taurunum Angels was JBOB, BOB & JUNIOR BEST IN GROUP Thanks to his best hendler Anastasia Paunovic and nice critics for him to great judge Stefan Rosteco Dimitrijevic !

Toy club show in Belgrade Yahoo Taurunum Angels was Junior club winner ! Masterpiece Sylena was CAC in champion class, Beauty Rosie redstone cavalier was CAC in champion class and Hope de kuntentizza of Ciric was Best Puppy in show. Thanks a lot to judge Ana Vladimirov And finally breeders group 2. place

Super day at NDS INDJIJA. Super nice time with friends Yahoo Taurunum Angels “Golub” -BOB & new Junior Champion of Serbia Seventy Seven Lavander Valley “Lava” -BOB & JUNIOR BEST in SHOW #1 Many thanks to judges Mica Mladenovic & Sinisa Sancanin Thanks for great handling Anastasia Paunovic


On first show first time in junior class our little boy Yahoo Taurunum Angels was Best Junior and BOS. BOB take Fairy Tale Taurunum Angels congrats to her owner Zorica Dragic On second show Yahoo was Best of breed and Best in group 3 not bad for start

We had super nice weather on IDS Natalinci 2019 and some super results Our little cavalier boy Yahoo Taurunum Angels ⚡was on his last show in puppy class was PUPPY BEST IN SHOW judge in breed was Stefan Rosteco Dimitrijevic and in BIS was Slobodan Krsmanovuc and great handling Anastasia PaunovicAmstaff Mad Max Taurunum Angels was CACIB & BOS Thanks to judge Miodrag Mile Nikic

Perfect weekend for our team on NDS in Ub

Mad Max Taurunum Angel’s “Leo”  -BOB & BEST in GROUP #1

Seventy Seven Lavander Valley “Lava” -BOB & JUNIOR BEST in SHOW #1

Big thanks to judges Miodrag Mile Nikic and Milos Markovic Zemunikom and Mahmud Al-Dagistani!

Super nice & relax day ton NDS Sremska Mitrovica Two cavalier boys was great Yahoo Taurunum Angels  was puppy BOB His father Ch. Masterpiece Sylena was BOB and BOG III Big thanks to honourable judge : Zoran Von Schwarzaugen Najdovski Our australian sheppard Seventy Seven Lavander Valleyon her first show with Milos Babic was puppy BOB Thanks to honourable judge: Šipoš Marta and in junior handling with her small hendler Tea was on second place Thanks to honourable judge: Sinisa Sancanin

At at The 5th Pasundan Dog Show Bandung, West Java, IndonesiaYara Rich Constance Taurunum Angel’s what an achievement she got at such a young age! Yara was OVER SPECIAL BEST OF BREED,  BEST IN GROUP 2nd (Open Class) under respected judge, Mr. Fabian Daza (Columbia) BEST PUPPY IN GROUP 2nd x2 under respected judges, Mr. Phred Wong (Thailand) & Ms. Lois Wilson (South Africa) Breeder: Natalija Zeljic Handler: Semina Park

Owner :Ray Oen

Show season 2018

15.07.2018. NDS Indjija Our amstaff Vanja was like always great and she won Veteran BIS 2 🏅 Cavaliers girls was absolutely great 🏆🏆🏆 In junior class Un piccola storia Taurunum Angels won JCAC In intermedia class Remember the name Taurunum Angels on her very first show won CAC,BOB and finaly BOG 2 🥇🥇🥇 In open class Principessa Taurunum Angels won CAC and with this title she become CHAMPION OF SERBIA 🥇🥇🥇🥇 24.06.2018. In Sunday we attend on NDS Mladenovac. Our Beauty Rosie Redstone (Angels pride que detalle & Elektra Chilli koliba) aka Maggy won her 4 CAC and became Champion of Serbia 🏆. On same show Princippesa Taurunum Angels won CAC & BOB 🙂 17.06.2018. Last night our cavalier girls was great again💎💎💎 on Night national dog show Vencane 16.06.2018. 🏅Un piccola storia Taurunum Angels in junior class won JCAC, JBOB, BOB and finally BOG III 🏆🏆🏆 🏅Beauty Rosie Redstone cavalier in intermedia class won CAC 🏆🏆🏆 🏅Principessa Taurunum Angels in open class won also CAC 🏆🏆🏆 Thanks a loot to judge Ana Vladimirov for nice opinion for our girls 😊 In the end girls won Best breeders group II 🥇🥇🥇
09.06.2018. Well, this will be very long post  Today on NDS Surcin in great atmosphere we did great job  First amstaff: * Our biggest love Vanja, Ch. Dzordzija od 1300 kaplara, in year of 10 from veteran class won Best of Breed and Best of Group and Veteran BIS II  Today she was really really amazing !  * Blue boy Ch. Mad Max Taurunum Angels was CAC & BOS and BIS BOS III ! * Little black star JCh. Simply the Best Taurunum Angels was JCAC & Junior BOB ! Many thanks to judge Damir Markov for high opinion for our dogs !            Now cavaliers: This was ladies day  * In puppy class little Fairy Tale Taurunum Angels won Puppy BOB. * Junior lady Un picola storria Taurunum Angels won JCAC, Best of Breed, Junior BEST in Group and short selected for Group ! * Beauty Rosie Redstone Cavalier won CAC in intermedia class ! * JCh.Principessa Taurunum angels won CAC ! Many thanks to judge Michael Papadatos! And on the end BEST BREEDING GROUP on today show was our cavalier girl team 🙂
Very successful day for our kennel at IDS Natalinci 😁 We have 3 new CHAMPIONS 😁 Our cavalier girls was very nice in ring: Un piccola storia Taurunum Angels was JCAC,JBOB and BOB 🏆🏆🏆 with this victory she became JUNIOR CHAMPION OF SERBIA! Beauty Rosie Redstone cavalier first time in intermedia class was CAC & CACIB 🏆🏆🏆 Amstaff: Simple the best Taurunum Angels was JCAC & BOS ! 🏆🏆🏆 With this win she became JUNIOR CHAMPION OF SERBIA! Mad Max Taurunum Angels was CAC & R.CACIB 🏆🏆🏆. With this victory he became CHAMPION OF SERBIA !!!

25.03.2018. International dog show Vrsac Amstaff: Mad Max Taurunum Angels CAC, CACIB & BOS
Cavalier king Charles spaniel: Rey Ban Taurunum Angels was JCAC & BOS Un piccola storia Taurunum Angels was JCAC & JBOB On National dog show Medvedja Unbelievable Taurunum Angels was BEST JUNIOR and BOB
04.03.2018. New kinology season start great for Taurunum Angels 💪💪💪 On the biggest show in Serbia CACIB Belgrade our junior team made super results! Amstaff: Simple the best Taurunum Angels was BEST JUNIOR FEMALE 🏆🏆🏆. Cavalier: Unbelievable Taurunum Angels was BEST JUNIOR MALE🏆🏆🏆. Un piccola storia Taurunum Angels was BEST JUNIOR FEMALE and BEST JUNIOR and BEST OF BREED 🏆🏆🏆 Both of our cavaliers was first time on dog show !